Flash Drive Recovery


Consumers who transfer data files from some removable media format to their portable computing solutions unremittingly require high protection against malicious activities along with increased reliability and turnaround time. We, at EITS Data Recovery, help you successfully recover data from virtually all removable media devices with safety, fast standard turnaround time and convenience intact.

As one of the most trusted data recovery services available, we enable you to seamlessly extract and recover accidently deleted media files. Strengthened by proficient virtuosos, we thoroughly safeguard your media files and endeavor to restore circumstantially erased or missing files – whether the scoring through took place due to human error, virus attacks, or formatted disk drives.

Our experts ensure that your data is completely safe with us – irrespective of whether you have a new micro drive or use a floppy disk to transfer your media files.

What kind work we can do :

  1. Recover deleted files from any removable devices like : all kind of Usb flash drives : CF cards ; SD czrds MS/MMC cards ; XD cards
  2. Recovery data from damaged USB Flash

We are doing this next way:

We have to unsolder all NAND chips , read them using programmer , pickup HEX data from binary images into valuable image . Extract files from file image.

USB flash data recoevry

Recovery data from damaged SD.MS/MMC/XD  cards we are mostly doing in same way.

Manufacturer Recommended

Distinguished for incorporating an extensive range of effective search tools and support for major operating systems, EITS Data Recovery provides instant recovery of the deleted or deteriorated data files. Since we proffer high significance to unprecedented results and easy removable media recovery, all leading removable media manufacturers recommend their customers to Angel Data Recovery.

Renowned for the leading, avant-garde data recovery solutions, we promise to transfer your data in the most secured environment and recover your media files without voiding your original warranty.

We can save it!

As the most trusted data recovery service worldwide, we thoroughly understand the importance of restoring critical data files. Since each data loss situation is different, our team of specialized experts carefully analyzes the damage and embeds the proprietary hardware and software to induce quick, reliable results. We make sure that you easily and instantly recover your media files – resulting from common as well as from catastrophic circumstances.

AlRawee Data Recovery provides every client and customers with a wide range of benefits, including:

  1. Most instantaneous standard turnaround time in the industry ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours
  2. Priority and High Security service options
  3. Quick & easy accessibility to skilled and proficient Data Recovery Advisors 24/7/365
  4. Highly effective and result-driven data recoveries from floppy disks, CDs, optical cartridges, DVDs, USB flash drives, and more
  5. Absolute no upfront costs, no hidden cleanroom or parts fees
  6. Class 100 cleanroom to proffer particle-free environment and securely execute complex microsurgery on tiny, sensitive components
  7. Extensive parts inventory in house
  8. Quick hardware replacement for instant data recovery