Asset Management

Physical assets dominate the balance sheet of many companies, are a major corporate cost and are vital to operational performance. Asset Management is the integrated management of all asset classes that allows organisations to optimize performance. Getting Asset Management right can increase shareholder value, reduce costs, increase return on capital employed, support the core business, manage risk and deliver business flexibility.

Asset Management Plan

We have an excellent reputation for asset management consultancy and an extensive coverage of asset classes, with capabilities to manage change programmes spanning the whole lifecycle:

  • Real estate and facilities management
  • Asset portfolio planning
  • Procurement strategy and implementation
  • Asset Management process transformation and organisational design
  • Plant, production and infrastructure asset strategy and diagnostics
  • Capital programme management and developing business cases to invest in assets


We are taking our clients to the next generation of Asset Management through strategy, process and technology programmes. These address emerging trends such as sustainable (green) Asset Management; collaborative asset supply chain management; intelligent assets and condition-based analytics; mobile workforce management; business process outsourcing; and Asset Management systems consolidation.