Computer Management

Our focus at Computer Solutions and Management is to make technology work for you. We develop long-term client relationships and help our clients visualize the end at the beginning. EITS believes in a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive approach to Informational Technology. We listen to your challenges, viagra buy mind advise and help you decide the best solution for your unique business needs while providing IT consulting to protect and grow your business.

Business Computing Services

Call EITS for a free consultation regarding any of your IT requirements, sale including

  • IT consulting, outsourced IT managed services and solutions
  • Computer hardware and network repair and network installation
  • Network and hardware stability evaluation
  • Remote networking setup and security (VPN, troche remote login, etc.)
  • Custom software applications and modifications
  • Company web site design
  • Process automation
  • Data recovery
  • Intranet development
  • Managed dedicated exchange servers
  • Mobile device integration solutions

A wise business manager needs good people in charge of critical company information – people who are knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable.

EITS has a crew of experienced and credentialed IT consultants that will meet your company’s needs and keep you moving forward in your business.

We agree that downtime is expensive and annoying, and should be the rare exception in a business. We also believe that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving BACKWARDS!
The average business spends at least 3% of their gross revenue on IT needs. Don’t let a single penny of your investment go to waste.

Computer Repair Services

Whatever your computer, laptop issues – software, hardware, connectivity, Blue Screen of Death

EITS has a crew of trustworthy technicians that can troubleshoot and fix any computer problems you may encounter. Our response times are excellent and we guarantee all of our work.