Assessment and Management

Competency assessment and management of your individual and organisational project management capability to produce a roadmap that gets you where you need to be.

Regardless of your business size, training budget is still precious and needs to be spent sensibly, resulting in the best ROI and the greatest improvement in the efficiency of the project management function. AlRawee project management program allow businesses to make the right training decisions by benchmarking the capabilities of project management staff and highlighting the areas that really need improvement. Our Professional Services delivery team and subject-matter technology experts, combined with our Project Managers, can help ensure the continual productivity of your staff, managing costs and increasing revenues and profitability.

PM-Ready Service

Small Businesses left and right realize that regardless of their status, their project management processes need to be firm. To do that, businesses on the rise target PM-Ready!, the project management framework that’s malleable, bespoke, affordable & only available to small businesses from AlRawee.

The fact remains, good project management in the 21st Century small business has gone from a long-term goal of luxury to a modern goal of necessity for success. The benefit to businesses large, medium and small alike have been weighed, measured, and are unmistakably defined by stellar project management capabilities.

Shorter time-to-market: Good project managers know how to plan and manage schedules to deliver the right level of quality in the shortest possible time, while carefully managing risks.
A more professional image: Your branded framework can give your customers piece of mind that they are in good hands, working with people who use a structured, best-practice approach to delivery.
Optimized resources: A good project manager can make the best use of resources to ensure that they are used for the right works at the right time, freeing them up for work on other projects as necessary.

Given those three points, your company can reduce cost and give your business extra competitive advantages