Third Party & Vendor Management

As companies lean harder on their service organizations for decreased costs,generic increased revenues and competitive advantage, more and more are migrating to a complex ecosystem of people, parts and information. As a result, outsourcing is becoming a popular trend for reasons such as an increased need for wider geographic service coverage, mandates to improve service profitability, escalating field service labor costs, seasonality of service business, increasing areas of low-density product installations, competitive pressures and many others.


Drive Consistent, High Quality Service

As a result, there is an increased demand for easily managing and tracking all of those mission critical constituents that participate in the service delivery network. Whether you are choosing a total or partial service outsourcing approach you must be diligent in selecting the right partner mix, managing service network performance, and maintaining customer satisfaction. Additionally, accountability and performance management can be challenging when multiple tiers of contractors and sub-contractors participate in service delivery. Organizations that choose to deliver post-sales service partially or wholly through third parties must vigilantly track process and control throughout the service network.
AlRawee’s Vendor & Third Party Management solution enables you to manage your vendors and third party service providers with a robust, secure and unified platform. This portal can now serve as your single point of information for all full-time and out-sourced stakeholders. As a result you will have the necessary level of upstream and downstream visibility and accountability that is a critical stepping stone to better service network automation and optimization. Whether that third party is an external service agent or a vendor that supplies parts, you will now be able to track and manage all of the parties that participate in your service supply chain. Your vendors and external service agents (SAs) will have access to a secure portal that allows them to enter, update and view pertinent information as it relates to a service order and logistics and reverse logistics functions. At the click of a mouse, you will be able to interconnect your entire service lifecycle ecosystem to eliminate redundant processes and drive ongoing efficiency. Additionally, you will benefit by increased visibility, collaboration and communication.