Wireless Network

W e will design and deploy systems and solutions for your business, cialis buy order utilising wireless vendors such as Netgear, Cisco and Ubiquiti. Whether you require a point-to-point solution, a voice over Wi-Fi, or an enterprise wide, multi-access wireless network, we can provide expert help in delivering a solution which exceeds your expectations.
We offer a range of wireless services for your business, drugstore including:

  • Wireless Network Setup & Installation
  • Wireless LAN setup
  • Wireless LAN configuration
  • Wireless LAN installation
  • Wireless LAN design
  • Wireless WAN
  • Wireless router setups

Proactive, Network Monitoring & Management

Wireless networks provide convenient and easy access to Internet & LAN based resources. With visiting guests and the proliferation of personal devices such as smart phones and tablets, security can be a significant concern. In addition, wireless networks are subject to all sorts of external factors. These can potentially create interference, leading to a poor performance and user experience. EITS’s managed wireless solution addresses these issues.

  • Usage and activity monitoring
  • Monitoring for performance and utilisation
  • Monitoring 24*7 for network health
  • Proactive patch management
  • Monitoring for network performance thresholds
  • System imaging, back-up and disaster recovery options
  • Software and hardware asset management
  • License management

Wireless networks are a simple and easy way to deploy networks without the need for complex cabling and switches. However, security and performance are often a concern. EITS’s managed solution using the technology significantly addresses these challenges at an affordable price-point.