“Things You Can Do With Smart Home Technology In Your House
That You Can’t Do With A Regular Installation”

If you plan to build your dream home or extensively renovating an existing house, even if building works have recently started, then you need to know the advantages smart home technology will bring to your new home.

Just as a little appetizer, I’m going to share with you just five ways you can take advantage of this technology within your home so you’re aware of the benefits this type of system has compared to a standard electrical installation.

As a self-builder or renovator this is a great opportunity for you to understand the latest advances in home control technology and the difference it can make to your home life.

As well as the five examples below, you can discover the in and out of your smart home living by quickly entering your details.

As promised…

“Check Our These 5 Awesome Ways You Can Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology”

1. Tablet / Smartphone Home Control App

Sit back and take control of the system from anywhere in your home.

Alternatively, use your Tablet/Smartphone to control the smart home system from anywhere in the world with internet connection.

For example:

You no longer have to remember to lower/Higher the Cooling/Heating, turn off all lights, set the alarm or turn off iron before you leave the house.

Using a home control app, you simply connect to your home and perform these actions on the go.

No more rushing back home to see if the alarm is set or wondering “did I turn off Iron or Lights”

2. Control The Entire Home Technology With A Single Finger…

With a Home-Server you can quickly and conveniently access all functions of your home control system from a single location (i.e. lights, Electric Blinds, Cooling, Heating, Alarm, etc.).

The control interface is clear, easy to use.

Even a child could figure it out.

The control interface will display on any Tablet/Smartphone or wall mounted touch-screen display.

Some of the more frequently used options allow you to:

  • Call-up Your Favorite Light Scenes
  • Display Energy Consumption Data
  • Windows Blinder Room or Whole Home
  • Display & Control Door-Entry System
  • Adjust Temp Room or Whole Home
  • Enable Home Control from any Location
  • Control Your AV Devices
  • And So Much More

3. The Ultimate Intrusion Detection

I can’t imagine there would be anything more off putting to a burglar trying to steal your belongings than seeing lots of activity from within your home.

This is where your smart home really comes into its own with a fantastic feature called Motion Detection 

4. One-touch Controls Makes Things Easier…

Another advantage with smart home technology is the “Group Control” option.

This allows you to group a set of commands together and allocate them to a single button on a user interface.

For example: A common application for this is to have a “Central Off” button set-up close by the main exit to the house.

So when you are about to leave for the day, you can press the button and effectively shut-down your home, When pressed, you will turn off all internal lights, lower temperatures to standby level throughout all rooms. Close electric blinds and switch off all TVs.

This is a real time-saver and far more convenient than running round the house doing everything yourself.

5. Your Favorite Room Settings:

At the touch of a button (or automatically via sensor) call-up your predefined favorite settings depending on your mood, current situation or social event.

At Movie Time: Ideal for those cozy moments in front of the TV.

Turn off the main light, dim wall lights by 50%, close blinds fully and set the Cooling to comfort mode at the
touch of a single button.

When Entertaining Friends: The perfect ambient lighting and some suitable music playing in the background.  Again, all done at the touch of a button.

During the Night: For sleepwalkers and late night Fridge-Raiders.

During twilight hours sensors will detect your movement and (at reduced brightness levels) gently illuminate your path throughout the house.

Much like the emergency cabin lights on a plane.

Also, the system will remember to switch the lights off for you when you’re back in bed.

To Know More?

Having read only these five options, you have to ask yourself if smart home technology is something you feel you would benefit from and if it would add to your new home.

If the answer is yes, I strongly urge you to get a free survey of you home.

Click here to get the survey booking  Your Smart Home or take 5 seconds to fill out the form (top right of this page) to have one posted to you a.s.a.p.

If you want a sneak peek at the design user controls you can choose for your own system, see the Your-SMART-HOME link above.

You’ll be most impressed I’m sure.

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