24/7 Network Monitoring


The majority of businesses, no matter the size, are networked these days—and are often also connected to the Internet and other networks. Many of these businesses have come to rely on internal/external networks for their day-to-day business. However, when one of the networks goes down this can be a problem since an outage could cause a loss of profits. 24/7 networking can help reduce these losses. How can 24/7 network monitoring help your business, you ask? Through preventative operations. The main idea of network monitoring is to act as an “Early Warning System” to let managers and owners know of potential problems before they strike.

What Should I Monitor?

In an ideal world, you would monitor each and every network. Over time, you can get there, but if you’re like most Small Business owners or managers, you have neither the time nor the budget to implement a full system. As with most projects, it’s suggested that you implement a system like this in stages. The most common areas to start with are:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Data.
  • Internet data usage.
  • server status.
  • alerts to existing networks