Google Double Click Studio Interactive Ads

DoubleClick Studio is a free rich media production and workflow tool designed for creative teams to streamline rich media processes and take control of turnaround times. DoubleClick Studio offers efficiency, control and innovation through Adobe Flash components and APIs for developing DoubleClick Rich Media creatives, and a web-based interface for managing your entire rich media workflow.
We have a team of Certified Double Click Studio Developers to ensure your need of DoubleClick Rich Media creatives..

Rich media ads excel at branding campaigns for advertisers. Some of the best rich media ads are developed and executed in close coordination with the sites on which the ads appear. Publishers are optimally positioned to help agencies and marketers implement more creative, innovative ad units.

DoubleClick Rich Media makes interactive, video-rich advertisements for the mobile web possible with added support in DoubleClick Studio for HTML5. Traditionally, the core assets that rich media ads are based on have been developed using Adobe Flash. Now, with support for ads developed to the HTML5 web standard, creative agencies can manage rich media ads for the mobile web in DoubleClick Studio, right alongside the Flash-based ads that they are already managing.

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